London Borough of Tower Hamlets – Collingwood/ Barnsley Estate Parameter Branding – June 2018

Graphic Design, Installation & Fit out, Print Production, Project Management
About This Project

Extra Large Group is one of the official large format media suppliers of the Council.


We provide parameter branding services for the Council’s housing regeneration projects around the borough.

We started in continuous production and fitting of branded panels around many housing estates in East London.

In order to speed up work, printing on various printers, we have created a unique ICC Colour profile for the Council’s artwork, supporting its colour scheme and brand guidelines.

As part of this project, we have already produced and installed over 180 printed aluminium panels around the borough.

The timeframe of each of the housing projects is no more than a week for production and fitting, as the Council arranges the due date in advance for press conferences around each new housing re-development, we ensure that each fitting is completed prior to that date.



Branded parameter hoardings to conceal refurbishment works in Collingwood/ Barnsley Estate near Bethenal Green.

The Council is going through a regeneration project, as part of the project we were asked to produce and install branded hoardings to surround the campus parameter during the works.

Over 180 aluminium composite hoardings around the Borough.

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